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Brooklyn Family Dentistry provides an extensive range of dental treatments to provide for our patients' diverse dental needs. Dr. Jacobs treats patients from all age groups, including young children with their first teeth, adults, and seniors in need of more advanced care. If you’re looking for quality dental treatment where your dentist invests in lifetime care, then consider our practice that also serves patients from the surrounding communities. 


A True Family Dental Practice

Dr. Jacobs treats patients with the compassion and attention they deserve and offers age-specific treatments that target dental issues each age group faces. When maintaining children’s oral health, we make sure to keep their young smiles clean and healthy. Preservation of our children's baby teeth ensures correct health and eruption of the permanent teeth. Dr. Jacobs is able to provide advanced treatment for kids if necessary. Whether it’s a child’s first dental appointment or a regular checkup, we keep parents in the loop about their dental treatment and provide education on oral health practices to do at home. As children grow into their teen years, we will continue to support their smile so that it lasts a lifetime.

Adults and seniors need specialized care, too. Wear and tear take their toll on the teeth and restorations and require consistent care to remain functional and beautiful. Our practice provides tailored treatments using restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to keep the smile in working order. Dr. Jacobs utilizes treatments such as dental implants, veneers, TMD care, and oral surgery to help adults and seniors have a smile that looks great, upholds overall health, and rebuilds self-confidence.

Serving Patients with Advanced Technology 

Brooklyn Family Dentistry houses the latest dental technology to give patients precise and efficient dental care. For restorations made on the same day, we use our CEREC® in-office CNC machine. Patients can receive their crown within a single dental visit, and return to their day normally without having to worry about the nuisance of a temporary. Dr. Jacobs is certified to administer dental laser care, which offers unique benefits such as improved healing time and nearly painless treatment. From frenectomies to gum tissue contouring, soft tissue lasers are used for patients of all ages. One of our most advanced pieces of technology is a cone beam (3D)scanner, which allows us to scan a patient’s face and jaws and produce a three-dimensional image. This allows us to accurately place dental implants, check the jaw for any otherwise invisible issues, and reveal unseen dental problems.

Comfortable Patient Care 

Our dental team is kind and compassionate and strives to help patients feel at ease. Dr. Jacobs talks patients through their dental treatment, answering questions, and providing patients with all the information they need. We understand that receiving dental care causes anxiety for some, and we welcome patients to be open about their fears.

To help patients receive the care they need, we can make use of dental sedation, which relaxes the body and mind while receiving care. From the moment patients enter the office, to when they return home, we provide compassionate attention and assistance for any dental needs. Dr. Jacobs completed a master's degree in dentistry in addition to his dental surgery degree where he researched and wrote his master's thesis on treating fearful and phobic patients.

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We look forward to helping you and your family attain beautiful, healthy smiles. You can rest assured we know how to handle complex dental cases and patients with anxiety. Call us today to schedule your next appointment. 


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