Brooklyn Restorative Dentistry: CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs gives patients the chance to have a crown in a single dental visit. Typically, you have to wait weeks to receive a crown and visit the dentist multiple times to ensure a perfect fit and appearance. Our Brooklyn practice offers same-day crown care through CEREC, an innovative and powerful machine that creates your crown while you sit in the dental chair. For convenient, efficient, and modern care, schedule an appointment with Brooklyn Family Dentistry.

If you’re looking for a dentist that provides individual care, when you need it, contact us at: (517) 592-2820. We believe patients deserve quality dental care in a timely manner and will help you get back to your daily life with a comfortable and fully functional smile. 

CEREC® and Same-Day Dental Care 

Our practice provides comprehensive root canal therapy and efficient restorative care. Dr. Jacobs is experienced in removing decay and saving your natural tooth structure for a lasting smile. After root canal therapy, our CEREC machine makes your crown precisely to fit your smile, restoring aesthetics and a normal bite. CEREC is an in-office lab that fashions your crown from quality materials and does so within an hour.

Fully Customized Restorations 

At Brooklyn Family Dentistry, you can have a fully restored tooth in the same visit. This cuts down on returning to the dentist to have the crown tested for proper shaping and shade. We keep this process in-house, allowing us to control exactly how the crown will fit and look. For your restorations, Dr. Jacobs only uses tooth-colored materials that offer nearly the same strength as your natural teeth. Made from ceramic, our e.max® crowns are designed to resist daily wear and tear.

These crowns are customized to your individual smile and are never made from a template. They are functional restorations, helping you chew and speak normally, while also completely sealing out your tooth from future decay.

Get in Touch with Us Today 

Brooklyn Family Dentistry is your source for modern dental care. Our office is equipped with the latest in dental technology, like CEREC, and is prepared to handle your root canal therapy and restorative needs. Jeffrey Jacobs, DDS is well trained in providing custom restorative care and offers same-day crowns services to Brooklyn, Tecumseh, Cement City, and Napoleon. Call us to schedule an appointment.


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