Dentistry for Your Child in Brooklyn

Making a child feel comfortable before, during, and after their dental appointments is an important step toward a positive attitude toward lifelong good oral hygiene habits. We at Brooklyn Family Dentistry understand the significance of treating a child who may not be the most tolerant or cooperative patient; we will keep them at ease and safe. Being able to treat them along with the rest of your family is an added benefit.

From their first visit, which should be around the time their first tooth appears, we will focus on prevention and education for both your child and you. You will be a critical part of this early program.


Early on, it is important that you know what to do at home with your child as their first teeth begin to erupt. Before their teeth even appear, it is beneficial to wipe their gums with a soft cloth after they eat. This serves two purposes; cleaning away plaque bacteria that can attach to their gums, and get them used to having the internal structures of their mouths touched. Later on, we will teach them how to hold a toothbrush and floss their teeth. Creating a positive routine at home is the first step toward lifelong oral health.


Dr. Jeffrey J. Jacobs will give your child regular oral health exams which include risk assessments for tooth decay. Preventive dental care includes cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as nutrition and diet recommendations. As your child loses their baby teeth, we may recommend spacers, which will hold the space open for the new incoming tooth. We want your child to understand how we can help them keep their teeth healthy. We won’t use scary words likes “drill” or “injection” that will make them feel even more nervous. We will also discuss how to avoid mouth and teeth injuries.

Tracking Growth and Development

We will continue to make assessments of their teeth as they grow and develop. We will check how their teeth are growing in, and counsel you on habits such as pacifier use and thumb sucking. We recognize too that the very young, pre-teens, and teenagers, all need different approaches in dealing with their behavior and helping them avoid future dental problems. It is our goal to continue to provide dental care all the way through to adulthood.


Occasionally we will need to explore early dental treatments for your child. Brooklyn Family Dentistry offers a wide range of treatment options as well as the expertise and training to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth.

We want to be your family’s dentist, call us at our convenient Brooklyn location now to schedule your child’s visit to see us. Dr. Jacobs and his trained staff are here to make your child’s dental experience a great one!

Dental Health

As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.



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