Sedation Dentistry for Fearful Patients in Brooklyn & Napoleon, MI

Visiting the dentist is difficult for many individuals, and this is often due to fear. Jeffrey Jacobs, DDS, MS, is a dentist committed to helping even the most anxious patients receive dental care. Brooklyn Family Dentistry strives to ease the discomfort patients feel, and our compassionate staff helps every patient to feel at home at our Brooklyn, Michigan practice. 


Gentle Dental Care from Compassionate Professionals

Utilizing a wealth of experience that makes his treatments gentle and effective, Dr. Jacobs reduces discomfort and dental fear in patients of all ages. Patients are thoroughly informed of the treatments and care they are receiving, and are told exactly what to expect from any procedure we offer. We help patients have an awareness of their dental care, which promotes understanding and reduces fear while at our dental practice.

The staff at Brooklyn Family Dentistry listens to patients when they have questions or concerns, and adapts care to address individual needs. If you have extensive dental issues, we will perform a thorough exam of your smile, and provide a comprehensive treatment plan to meet those needs. Individuals who have not visited the dentist for a while may experience the following symptoms: 

Sensitive Teeth and Gums
Plaque or Tartar Buildup

In these cases, it’s crucial to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Brooklyn Family Dentistry is equipped with the latest dental knowledge and technology which make your dental visit more gentle and efficient. There are also anxiety-reducing medications we may prescribe to you prior to treatment and nitrous-oxide available for use. These options are safe, short-acting and easy to use.

Providing a Positive Patient Experience

We improve upon the typical dental experience with a staff that’s friendly and inviting. Our philosophy revolves around creating a healthy mouth, which supports a healthy body and mind. Dr. Jacobs and his team are committed to bringing this philosophy to life, supporting anxious patients with comprehensive care and a gentle touch. 

Dr. Jacobs is dedicated to providing patients of all ages a dental experience that’s encouraging to oral health. We want every patient to achieve a life-long healthy smile and will support fearful patients with a positive, relaxing experience. 

Contact our Brooklyn Dental Office for Comfortable Care

Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs wants to help patients who have been subject to poor dental care, granting you the quality dental care you deserve. Call us today to experience compassionate care from compassionate professionals. 



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